American Idol. Bosh show of the year. An hour wasted whilst eating dinner. Adam Lambert however, brings the show to a whole new level. Since his initial Bohemian Rhapsody audition, he's musically and vocally so far ahead of the other contestants they might as well go home now. Beautiful, and goose-bump inspiring. Outstanding. Plus it's a great performance.
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Mad World was originally written in 1982 by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears, and just seems speedy and unemotional Tears for Fears "Mad World". Lead singer, Curt Smith of eventually did a slower version, which is pretty close to the version done by Lambert. Still seems over-produced though.

The next closest is the beautiful Gary Jules version from the movie Donnie Darko.

From American Idol, also check out The Tracks of my Tears, and Ring of Fire, and finally, I Believe.

Before American Idol he was in the Ten Commandments the Musical starring Val Kilmer. And before that some bizarre stuff at "The Zodiac Show" - "Crawl Thru Fire".
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And working the crowds with "4 Non-Blondes", "What's Up":
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Oh, and it'll be Adam and Danny in the final 2. And now, back to your regular programming.