We had about 18 inches of snow over the last few days. During the storm there was a lull. So I though, "Hey, why not build an igloo?". So I did. Of course the lull then turned into a blizzard.

In total it took 7 hours. The snow wasn't solid enough to carve blocks, so I used a plastic bin as a form to make the blocks. You need to really pack the snow in to ensure the blocks are nice and solid. Each block weighed around 20 pounds. The entire structure is nice and solid -- tough enough that I could easily sit on top of it.

The inside looks a little odd because the bin I used as a form started curving outwards as I compressed the snow in it, causing round blocks.

This was mean to be a time-lapse, but due to some technical issues I only managed to get a 10 second video out of it.

Few more pics are on Flickr. Since the time-lapse didn't work so well, I plan on making a second, larger igloo, right next to the first. Maybe a little tunnel to join them together. Hopefully I can rope in some help for this one! And some waterproof pants, and gloves too.