Update 12-Mar-2009: The Petaminx is now on sale over at eBay. One of a kind, impossible to solve (not really, but hey, damn tedious), and yours for just a small outlay!

Update 22-Mar-2009: And sold for the bargin price of US $3,550.00 :)

Common household, hard-assed puzzles are dull. Even Will Smith can solve one in under a minute. Not interesting. Way too few moving pieces. What you really need is one of these.

This is a dodecahedral petaminx -- a 12-sided version of the Rubiks cube. The original design was created by Andrew Cormier, and release for free onto the world. The first build was by Jason Smith of PuzzleForge.com

  • The puzzle has 975 individual parts.
  • Each face has 101 stickers, making a total of 1212 stickers
  • 20 hours on masters and molds
  • 12 hours casting parts
  • 30 hours cleaning up parts and sanding
  • 7 hours assembling all 975 parts
  • 6 hours stickering
  • 975 pieces in total

You know you want to make one. So head on over here for the plans, and here to see it being put together (warning: nasty audio alert). And where would we be without the entire build process being documented.