You know how it is, you click on a YouTube video. "Hmmm, that's kinda interesting", you say, "wonder what's over here", and off you wander to the next shiny video. Two hours later, your brain is mush, and that 'other stuff' you wanted to do, well it's still there.

Here's how a typical session might play out -- at least take a quick 20 second listen to the following link, it'll be worth it. You start with this little bit of bass, and then head on over for some Bach cello. And you think, that's nice. What's next. And then, like, whoa, some one playing some pretty damn good Beethoven, who really paled in comparison to this other bit of Bach. Oooh, a really ancient cash register. And now, what's this... a beautiful unheard-of singer, quickly followed by some dude doing some street-level poetry. And then the piece-de-resistance: a Gameboy and a mini-Moog -- sahweet.

Culturally enlightened you realize you just spent another wasted hour wandering aimlessly around. You and I, we are simply wasting valuable oxygen. Not so Mr. Kutiel, aka Kutiman. Oh, no. He wanders around YouTube with purpose, with quiddity. He wanders around like you just did, but takes bit of each of those videos, mixes them up, switches them around, speeds them, up and down, and comes up with this incredible YouTube mash-up.
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And then he does it again with using this beautiful voice, a flute, and some drum lessons, and a review for a 20" cymbal. The end result, "Just a Lady".
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Head on over to Kutimans web site. Be sure to click on the Credits link, which shows a list of all the videos contributing to the mash-up. Play the sounds of you wandering around YouTube wasting your life.