Wooden boats need to be repaired. The people who own wooden boats can ill afford to loose the boat for more than a day. So any work you do gets done between low and high tide.

Over time the seals between the planks on the boat wear out. It's replaced with strips of cotton soaked in something like paraffin and animal fat. Basically you hammer the strips into the gaps between the planks.

And you do it before the time comes in. In the heat of the sun, with a tarp for some shade.

Best way to get the old paint off the boat... burn it. Build a fire under the boat, and feed wood along the fire to move it along the length of the boat.

Then you get some old rags, slap it in the paint bucket, and rub it into the surface of the boat.

And sometimes you have to just replace giant planks on the back of the boat.

In which case you use a big axe to chip away at a rough plank until it fits the hole.

Plenty of boats left...