Weddings in any country are a big deal. In Uganda they are a big deal which involves the entire community. Before the wedding day, the groom is introduced to the brides parents. This is a big ceremony.

The women dress up in elaborate gowns. The men put on traditional kanzu, over which they usually wear modern suit jackets. Representatives of the groom, family, friends, relatives all gather and then convoy down to the brides village. They bring with them gifts. Lots of gifts. Chairs, TVs, maize, salt, clothes, goats, cows, chickens, suitcases. You name it.

They are received by a delegation of the bride, and filled into the official introduction area. And so begins the long introduction ceremony.

Both the bride and the groom have official spokes-people. They basically do all the talking for the next 6 hours. There is a lot of back and forth. A lot of games. Women line up. The bride should choose one who she thinks her husband should sleep with. Of course nothing actually happens. Probably. More games. Kids, all dressed up, dance around, are asked some tricky questions, and then are given small gifts.

More games, all in Luganda, which I can't follow, although generally the meaning is obvious. Some miscellaneous mzungus appear and put on a pretty good show dancing around. Some discussion as to whether they actually managed to dance. Much merriment.

And towards the end, the groom is finally led across the compound to the brides half of the event. There he is 'introduced' to the mother and father of the bride. And then there are bubbles. Many bubbles.

And then comes the meal. You're pretty much expected to eat all you are given. No problem... except for the groom who is given two chickens! Good luck with that lot!

And thus the two are happily introduced. At this point the are traditionally married, but often a more church oriented ceremony follows. Either way, an interesting take on the western approach. Hopefully in all those games I didn't end up getting remarried...

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